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Photographs can also be dated if the artist photographer is known.

A large amount of early photographers and the time periods they were active are documented on the internet.

Early photography processes were not always standardized due to its evolving process.

However, many photo mechanical reproductions are CDVs and tintypes are sometimes housed in CDV cards to conform to the CDV size.

To start to understand the various types of common photographs, the below illustration may help to see the big picture.

Variations in the process reduced the amount of yellowing. They have a milky or creamy look The coating was manually appied so it is irregular at the edges. It is characterized by a negative glass plate image with a black background that is cased.

Various coatings were used from light to very shiny. Finger prints are also sometimes found on the corners or edges. The black background was either the back of the glass painted with black varnish or a black felt or black paper inserted in the back of the glass.

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