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If your sauce starts out super sweet now it will be very tough to correct later.Those of you with a scientific mind might want more precise measurements or proportion or whatnot.My friends get a kick out of that, yours might too.

At this point in the game I like my sauce to lead with a salty flavor, follow by a mild sourness, then just a gentle sweetness and a soft caress from the chilli at the back of my throat at the very end.

I’d do it if I could, but the problem is most Thai ingredients are not standardized in the way that a Western ingredient, say, white granulated sugar, is.

A cup of granulated sugar is always the same, but a cup of your Palm Sugar or Fish Sauce might not have the same intensity as mine. And herein lies another beauty of preparing the sauce ahead of time.

Here’s a list of what you need, and the quantity to use per portion.

Thin rice noodle, also called Rice Sticks, Banh Pho, or Chantaboon.

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