Outlook address book not updating blackberry

Frequently, wireless address book synchronization can cause multiple contact lists to be created on a Black Berry smartphone.For example, there may be duplicate Desktop contact lists or a contact list named Desktop and one named Unknown or an email address that may appear within the contact list options. Today's lesson will be on "How to Setup your Black Berry to Sync with Outlook." I see this question come up quite a few times and I also see that this could have saved a lot of people from having to start from scratch with their contacts, notes, calendars and tasks.I'm using a Bold on 5.0, but this shouldn't matter for all those with 4.2 or better. The desktop manager may be slightly different depending on your version, but once you have 4.5 or better you shouldn't see too much variation.If you have a Microsoft Exchange account, the default address book is usually your Global Address List.For IMAP, POP3, and other types of email accounts, it is usually an Outlook Address Book.

Once you see the additions/deletions, you have successfully set your Black Berry up to Sync.

With Black Berry OS version 7.1, performing the RSET command within the address book will remove them in order starting from the bottom and working up the list.

This will assist in identifying which list is being removed when performing this command.

Contacts and then synchronize your handheld; see ARCHIVED: For mobile devices, what is synchronization?

However, to edit your Address Book directly, you can use the Black Berry Desktop Manager.

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