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When his dog Woodrow was a small puppy, Liev carried him around in a pouch strapped across his chest.

Now the pooch has a wooden box with a comfy little bed for their bike rides together in New York.

(They already have a child together.) Masterson and Laura costarred on That 70’s Show and Ben Foster has been his best friend for years.

He’s a husband and father now, but hasn’t changed much.Winfrey's natural father is normally called vernon winfrey (born in 1933), a coal miner have emerge as a barber who have become a town councilor who were inside the protection pressure even as he have emerge as born.At 63, Oprah Winfrey has already checked off numerous boxes on her to-do list.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.To be honest we’re not all that enchanted by kids in general, but certain ones tickle our fancy.

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