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His detractors had come before him hoping to show him up as a hypocrite for preaching to them about the one true God while at the same time he handles money inscribed with the name and image of a man many regarded as a living god.To them he rebukes by pointing out that the earthly and divine domains are separate so paying the taxman carries no moral implications. If we assume that Jesus literally meant a denarius we would not be unsafe in making the further assumption that the denarius might well have been that of Tiberius which is known to have circulated in the region by the bucketfuls.Understanding therefore that the word actually used refers to a denarius goes a long way in clarifying which coin was meant.

The more correct translation of the Greek δηνάριον (denarion) or the Latin Vulgate's would have yielded an incomprehensible technicism not in keeping with the mission.

In the end, Caesar was just as practical as Jesus and made few bones about the small details so long as the bottom line was met.

One December afternoon, my precious four-year-old niece Jodi* walked into my mother's suburban New Jersey kitchen and asked, "Bubbie, are you Jewish? "So am I," Jodi confided, "but don't tell Santa Claus." I laughed when my mother told me this story, and I chuckled every time I thought of it – for 22 years.

Among these classes may be counted the so-called "Widow's Mites" and the easily available Constantinian bronzes that form the bulk of what we sell right here on DOC.

Another class of coins draws attention for being controversial.

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