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So if you contacted him too much in the beginning he knows you are the pursuer.

He knows that if he waits long enough that you will break down and text him, if not today then tomorrow or even a week or two from tomorrow.

That is nice for you but it would make me happy to see a random message from you come in from time to time or better yet a phone call. You’ve told him point blank without flipping out that you notice his lack of effort.

You really only need to tell him once so as not to nag.

Make sure you are talking about something real which is that this guy never, ever initiates with you. Just check to make sure you really have a problem here.He knows you aren’t going to let him go that easily.If you have already exhibited a pattern of caving in and crawling from the first text message on your hands and knees to him then he will stave you out and force you to contact him.He was already finding that other woman the so called woman that was good enough for him when you weren’t.Let him go then because if he is not contacting you he is already gone.

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He won’t be able to rest on his laurels that long given your radical rejection of his never initiating. That is right he will because there are a million women all over the place so yeah he can certainly find another one if he so chooses.

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