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Carlin continued: 'On a darker day Paul would examine his friend from afar and feel a pulse of bile. He'd known Artie since they were eleven: Artie with braces, Artie with zits, Artie with a Yarmulke on his head surrounded by all the bearded Jews hoisting the Torah around the synagogue in Queens,' Carlin writes.

Why had Artie gotten to be so blessed, with his height, his voice, his hair? Born in Newark, New Jersey, but raised in Queens, New York, Simon never measured up to his father's hopes and dreams that his son become a lawyer rather than a singer-songwriter, a path he, himself, unsuccessfully tried to follow.

I dont know what to do and she will not budge, I’ve never seen this, last time she was cold but this is almost. What can I do to get thru to her to show her how much I hurt from her into irjng me. Reply U better read up on narcissistic personalities…have little remorse and lack empathy…They r sick and can not change…..u r just an object to,them when they don’t need u anymore they discard u.

Reply I have tried NC during the silent treatment but in the end I am still expected to apologize to get back into the “good graces”.

He also bought the rights to a South African group's song that eventually went into his track 'Gumboots', even though a young musician Heidi Berg had shown him the tapes with the hopes of incorporating the sounds into her own record, Carlin writes.

Generally he tried to accommodate Simon's insecurities by complimenting his songs, his voice, hunching his shoulders when they were standing close to each other, or a step behind or sitting down in photo sessions so he didn't loom over Simon.

The deal with Prosen, who was releasing records by the Lee Simms Orchestra, now added a side contract launching Simon's solo career – 'even before he and Artie had sung a note on their first professionally produced record'.

Morphing from their initial singing partnership as Tom and Jerry in the late 1950s to the 1960s chart-topping pop duo they became, Simon's personal demons soared standing next to his tall, blue-eyed best friend, Art Garfunkel.

Their ongoing rivalry and tumultuous relationship is laid bare in Peter Ames Carlin's new book Homeward Bound, The Life of Paul Simon, which also accuses Simon of repeatedly failing to give other musicians credit for their work.

Reply My cheating husband went no contact nearly a year ago he’s a psychopath and I got tired of his affairs inside our Family home. He even abandoned our beautiful dog in the discard so shameful a 53 year old man! I’m a big man who can take a beating physically and verbally. Good advice regarding not initiating contact, ive done this before. I proceediddd to harass her verbally by calling her names and putting her down. She dumped me 3 days into the shutoff or ignoring phase and as I lay here , my last night in our house cause she kicked me out.

She comes back, knowing I’m waiting for her……not anymore Reply I was married for over a decade to a man who emotionally & even physically, financially as well as other ways. We had little food yet he left w/o giving us a cent. A woman Unknown to me was in the drivers seat he never allowed me with keys. I wanted jsut an apology and instead she shut down. She still rarely speaks to me and will not let me sit by her, sleep in the same bed, or even hug me. I still don’t sleep, I can’t eat, I have had to start seeing a counselor.

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Better to be alone than with someone who emotionally abuses you every day.

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