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I'll probably stay in bed all day - it's actually just like any other boring day.'The former Celebrity Big Brother star's comments come after she was spotted passionately kissing Ex On The Beach star Joshua Ritchie at a boxing match at the weekend.

Charlotte confirmed her status as a 'strong and single' woman last month, following her break-up from Stephen.

She and Bear had been plagued by splits in the last few weeks of their 11-month romance, with the duo seeming to split and reunite on several occasions.

However, according to The Sun, Bear insisted their relationship is over for good, as he claimed he is 'free and single' and wants his next girlfriend to be someone who is not in the public eye.

She told Closer magazine: 'I'm in good shape at the moment as I'm on the heartbreak diet.

No Ben & Jerry's or Christmas cake for me - I can't eat.'Discussing her Christmas plans, she added: 'I'll probably have my family round to my house up in Newcastle.

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The former Geordie Shore star, 27, took a snapshot of herself resting on a sun lounger on the golden shores of the popular tourist destination as she wore a skimpy bronze bikini, in which she displayed her incredibly taut stomach and lean legs.Charlotte, who split from her Just Tattoo Of Us co-host for good last month, said her svelte frame is down to the 'heartbreak diet'.And faced with spending the festive period as a singleton, she confessed that she doesn't like Christmas any more and will 'probably stay in bed all day'.Essex is filled with many singles all looking to meet someone new and can narrow your search to match you preferences.It’s easy to get started and begins by signing up here for free.

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