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(If your employee has done X wrong but last year a different employee also did X wrong but was not terminated, you may be exposing the company to lawsuits by terminating.) HR needs to sign off as well. Doing these things before you terminate someone help ensure that things go smoothly.

They will, of course, still be painful, but looking for potential problems in advance will help you and your remaining staff.

Please note, this is not an instruction to dump your bad employee on some poor unsuspecting manager, but an instruction to look and see if there truly is something that would be a better fit.

Be honest with your peers about the problems you've had and where you see this person's strengths. I know that you are the boss and what you say goes, but unless you own the company, you need to get formal approval from those above you.

For instance, if the reason for termination is that your employee is frequently late, takes long lunches, and says rude things in staff meetings, your staff will breathe a sigh of relief when this slacker is finally gone.

However, your company probably has procedures in place. (Remember that if the person meets the conditions of the plan, you won't be firing him.) Check and double check with HR to make sure you're following internal procedures and that all employees are treated similarly.Some employment lawyers can tell you what the books say, but couldn’t find the Court, let alone litigate a sexual harassment case in front of jury.After successfully taking on many Fortune 500 companies, in 2013, Brian Spitz was recognized in Newsweek Magazine as one the 30 overall “Nationwide Top Attorneys.” Previously, in 2012, Brian Spitz was recognized in Newsweek Magazine as one of the Top 20 Leaders in Employment Law in the United States for 2012.Every attorney at The Spitz Law Firm has also been certified as Lead Counsel Rated by Law Info. The Answer is Simple: Call the Employee’s Attorney.™ Our employment discrimination lawyers have the experience and strong conviction needed to fight unlawful employment discrimination no matter the size of the unlawfully discriminating employer.Employment discrimination comes in many forms, and our attorneys are here to give you a free and confidential evaluation of your potential employment discrimination claims.

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