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However, Orr got a chance for revenge in 2013, fighting Parros again.This time, Orr was victorious at the cost of Parros suffering a concussion after falling headfirst to the ice during this rematch.

They’ve battled widespread injuries, controversy and more general obstacles — all of which have caused the team to slowly fade away from the overarching narrative of the mainstream hockey world.In the modern NHL, these players have slowly but surely been phased out, replaced by more skilled tough guys who can actually play the game of hockey as well as throw it down in times of need.These ten fighters are the most intimidating bunch going in the NHL today.Although the Ducks’ experience-ridden roster frequently fades away from the focal point of NHL news, few would refute the notion that Anaheim is, at the very least, an incredibly aggravating team to match up against.And while such frustrations are likely rooted in discontent regarding the questionable tendencies of certain players, one must not forget that the Ducks have made the playoffs on 11 of 13 occasions since the 2004-05 lockout.

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