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And he should, because that is what should happen when a famous man has been accused of abuse, no matter how long ago it happened (in Parker’s case, as he is fond of reminding us, it was nearly 17 years ago).So why the silence on Fassbender’s promotional trail? He is quite literally making money off of the commercialization of his latest romantic partner.Why shouldn’t he be made to feel a bit off balance with a question about how he might have beaten his partner six years ago?To be sure, there are differences between Fassbender and Parker’s alleged abuse.Much has been made of their supposed reluctance to have their relationship paraded for the public eye — “You keep certain things private and between us, which I think is the right thing,” Vikander has said — but despite their desire for privacy, their real-life relationship has been used as a centerpiece of the film’s marketing campaign, as they promote their project with photoshoots that place them in overtly coupled poses.One question no one seems to be asking as the two perform their publicity tour is this: What of Fassbender’s past with Andrews?Alicia Vikander isn't the only actress who has stolen Michael Fassbender's heart.In fact, the actor has quite the reputation for dating his movie costars.

That said, it wasn’t as if we didn’t have the capacity to more openly discuss the Fassbender accusation when it was first revealed; news of the abuse broke on TMZ, and social media — while still young — was available to disseminate and dissect the story.

Leasi Andrews is not alone in this particular story arc.

The thing that makes her story remarkable is who she was dating: Michael Fassbender, the acclaimed actor.

The rising awareness of rape culture has begun to turn the tide in how these accusations are received by the public, abetted in many cases by the power of social media.

Bill Cosby was first publicly accused of assault more than 10 years ago; he wasn’t questioned or punished, legally or in the court of public opinion, until a Hannibal Buress remark went viral and other women felt encouraged to come forward.

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