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This outcome, whether realized by this path or another, constitutes a second avenue of response when historic Christian orthodoxy meets modern science and historical scholarship: complete capitulation to secular culture and rejection of the faith.Such a response is at the opposite pole from the first; it is reactionary the tradition.Confronted with the intellectual power of modern science and scholarship, those traveling this path are overtaken by the concern that the faith community is living in a fantasy world, and that it is not possible for an educated person to hold to core Judeo-Christian beliefs.If this concern becomes a conviction, faith is lost and the former believer may even become an impassioned advocate of agnosticism or atheism.Evangelicals share the belief that of Scripture is inspired by God and, when properly interpreted, completely trustworthy and authoritative in everything it teaches.The key question, of course, is one of proper interpretation, which is one reason there are so many doctrinal differences among Christians today.

The second issue, of course, is whether the assumptions essential to YEC offer a tenable approach to doing science.

Speaking from evangelical culture, there are two primary questions of concern when evaluating young-earth creationism as a view of the relationship between Scripture and science.

The first is whether the YEC interpretation is in light of the whole of Scripture, teach.

Instead, a naively literal modern reading driven by linguistic conventions embedded in a contemporary understanding of the world and what it means to write history is embraced.

The result is a bad reading of the text that pays very little attention to the ways in which Hebrew vocabulary and literary devices structure and affect interpretation, and no attention at all to the facts that: (1) the language of Scripture is historical events (the creation of the world and humanity, the fall of humanity into sin that ruptured our relationship with God, the Noahic flood, and the origins of culture and diversification of languages), while not burdening the ancient Hebrew recipients of revelation with the details of a scientific cosmology that they did not need for this corrective purpose and, in any case, would not have been able to understand.

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