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Imagine the horrendous scene in this area following the bloody battle.

The church, an old barn-like structure, was perforated with bullet and cannon ball holes; bodies lay scattered on the ground.

He helped shape the town, the state, and the nation during his 36-year political career.

He helped draft the Halifax Resolves and was a delegate to the second Continental Congress. CSS Neuse II Corner of Herritage and Gordon Streets (252) 560-2150 or (252) 560-0399 Hours: Sat: 10am-4pm, other times by appointment Admission: Free, donations appreciated the world’s only full size facsimile of a Confederate ironclad gunboat to realize what a sailor’s life was like during the Civil War. long boat rests a short distance from the “cat hole” in the Neuse River where the original Ironclad was fitted with iron plating and hardware. Vernon Avenue (252) 208-3780 Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm, other times by appointment Admission: Free people with developmental disabilities since 1914, Caswell Developmental Center was the first mental retardation facility in North Carolina.

Evans positioned about 2,000 North Carolina and South Carolina troops in a semicircle.

Supported by heavy artillery fire, the Union troops broke through the Confederate left flank.

A large detailed model train display is part of the permanent exhibit and runs from 10a.m.-2p.m. “Flue” at Tobacco Square Corner of Blount and Mitchell Streets (252) 643-0571 Hours: Dawn to Dusk Admission: Free The sculptures were created through earth casting, a technique world-renown-artist Thomas Sayre used to create the iconic arches at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Sayre molded the facades from tobacco rows constructed on-site.

There are 12,000 artifacts that were recovered from the CSS Neuse, many of which will be utilized to help tell the ship’s story.

The former empty lot was once the home of the Brooks Tobacco Warehouse and is now home to seven tobacco barn facades that are 28 ½ feet tall, 16 feet wide and 6 inches deep.

His earth casting process uses the earth as the mold for reinforced concrete that is then colored with iron oxide to match the color of the dirt in which it was cast.

The house is no longer there, but the family cemetery remains for the public to visit.

Caswell was a Revolutionary War hero, NC’s first elected governor and a prominent businessman, lawyer and surveyor.

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