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In this chapter of the Blow Job Guide, you are going to learning everything on how to deep throat your man.From controlling your gag reflex, to what oral sex positions make deep throat super-easy to how to breathe and of course you’re also going to learn how to finish him off in style.Thankfully you can see a bunch of different oral sex positions demonstrated here in Chapter 6.Many women report that any position where your mouth and throat are in alignment is best as there is less pressure on the sides of your throat. If you can’t breathe at all, then just take a break every 10 seconds or so to catch your breath. Thankfully, taking a break doesn’t mean you have to stop giving him oral sex, you can always use one of these techniques on him from Chapter 2 or some of these oral sex tips from Chapter 3 or Chapter 8.Just follow the below steps to start desensitizing your gag reflex.

Desensitizing it means that you’ll be “training” the back of your throat and tonsils to stop causing you to gag anytime something touches the, i.e. The process of desensitizing your gag reflex takes time and effort, and there is no other way around this.As I always say, the key is experimenting and figuring out what works best for you. If he is particularly well endowed, then there it’s going to be near impossible. It all comes down to your anatomy and the size of his penis. But if you want to step it up a level, there are some super powerful techniques you can try.Controlling your gag reflex when deep throating your man is just the start. Licking his balls – If you are on your knees, and he is standing while you deep throat him like in the kneeling blow job position, then you are in the perfect place to extend your tongue outwards and start licking his testicles.After all, since when is it sexy to wear ear plugs or perform acupuncture on yourself before deep throating your man?!Now that you’ve learned how to get rid of your gag reflex, it’s time to use this training to deep throat your husband.

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If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and If you are looking for more advanced blow job techniques like my deep throating advice below, then you should probably listen to this podcast.

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