Lvsownerdata updating realtime

I didn't set the width of any of the columns and when I double click on the divider bar they do resize, but, of course, only based on the values that are displayed on the screen (since it doesn't really know about the other values).I used Set Item Count Ex() (I don't set any flags so maybe it's not a big deal).Is the bug you mention discussed on some (microsoft) website ?In my real application (not in the sample) I'm not having a functionality of programmaticaly adjusting the column widths in a list control.Headers in my list controls are "clickable" and "sizeable", so users are able to resize the columns as they need.However, they also get used to double-click the "column divider" to best-fit the desired column. Furas Set Column Width fails in virtual CList Ctrl (only in comctl32v6 Very and run the application, ensure you're using XP-look (themed controls in comctl32v6.0) 7.double-click on a column divider to simulate a Set Column Width(0, LVSCW_AUTOSIZE) message 8.

I've created some screenshots and uploaded a sample application with source code. Furas Set Column Width fails in virtual CList Ctrl (only in comctl32v6 Yes, I am running on Vista and my list controls work as expected so there must be something else going on. My fault, I didn't emphasize, that I'm running Windows XP with "Windows XP style (theme)" (comctl3.2982) Thank you anyway for your should see the "ABCD" text as "AB..." I would be very pleased, if somebody can reproduce this behavior, to confirm this bug.I didn't find any similar bug reports anywhere, which frightens me a lot ;) Of course, I would appreciate any workaround as well.Thanks in advance Visual Studio61 Set Column Width fails in virtual CList Ctrl (only in comctl32v6 I don' tthink you have to go to all this trouble.I just tried one of my virtual list controls and I didn't do any of that stuff (just set Owner Data property).

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I never set the column width anywhere that I can see. All that stuff was just one way how to reproduce this behavior.

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