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He was purposefully celibate for 35 years but found love late in life – meeting his partner, the writer Bill Hayes, when he was in his mid-70s. Last month, a 96-year-old WWII veteran, John Banvard, married his partner Gerard Nadeau, age 67.The two have been together for two decades and married at the senior living facility in San Diego where they have lived for the past three years.” I say, “Come on, you can drop the ‘at the moment’.I’m single forever.”’ Norton’s words struck a chord with me, because – at the age of 46 – I too have wondered whether I am resigned to being single forever.Sometimes it feels easier to resign one’s self to being alone. In August, the celebrated neurologist Oliver Sacks died at the age of 82.Sacks realized he was gay as a teenager, but remained firmly in the closet.The motivation to once again climb aboard that particular emotional merry-go-round is simply absent. Maybe the advent of same-sex marriage has brought the issue to the fore.

Norton ponders whether it’s because he has been a workaholic who has always put his career first.I’m really just not interested and not unhappy about the situation.My friends are great company and the majority of them are single as well.I am so tired of guy’s like this writing article’s thinking they speak for every other gay man out there. At 53, I have recently decided to get myself dry-cleaned and put together for another run at dating. your article fails to take that into consideration .I gave up a long time ago, I try to find joy in just being alive in 2017 the majority of my friends dont have that luxury.

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Once you’ve reached a certain age and still seem no nearer tying the knot, one does begin to wonder.

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