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This is all assuming he is a sociopath, which unless he has admitted to being a sociopath, he very well may not be.

I've mentioned this before, but in love relationships, if sociopaths are truly committed/invested in the relationship (i.e.

Before the laughs start, a sweeping feeling of dread is cast over the audience as one member will soon be in need a 36-hour shower afterwards.

As the party gets going, the clothes come off, and the panties drop!They are very focused on having their own needs met, and they are quick to forget you.What do people always say when children's parents die?That it is sad, but luckily they are young and they'll get over it quickly.Sociopaths can be extremely disappointed at the end of a relationship for lots of reasons -- feelings of failure, loneliness, and loss (not necessarily upset at losing you or your love, but losing at least whatever happiness you brought him, whatever role you filled).

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Apparently they all put on similar acts, bringing to question of who ripped-off who, but only the Moulin Rouge forgoes the more shocking forms of audience participation (i.e. “Participation” doesn’t involve actual sexual intercourse (there’s plenty of prostitutes surrounding the street for that), but they do involve things that would be difficult to get a loved one to agree to.

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