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OK, Google to the rescue and there are several videos to help but still, the process is daunting.Once I did get airborne it was great fun but short fun. Too bad a higher capacity battery is not offered, I would buy it. That has failed three times and now I need to go back to DJI for a fix.These guys need a good instruction writer unless they are striving for cult status.I am a seasoned RC flyer who has built DIY quadcopters as well as owned most DJI Phantoms including the P4Pro Plus.The footage I get following me on my rides really shows the landscape and trails in a way that a helmet cam cannot. I am not tech challenged but after opening the box I noticed the instructions were packed into a small packaged that required a microscope to read.It also has some great quick shot flight patterns that in very little time and ease produce memorable shots. Being a man, we don't read instructions, instead dive right in. I couldn't even get the thing to light up much less move.Great drone to get your feet wet.� �The video quality can not be modified.� Its 20Mbs MP4.� No option to increase or control the bit rate.� Its not bad until you get to low light conditions.� �The unit flies reliably and very stable.� �Flight times are 15 min for sure....extra batteries for continual flying I use 4 and can charge and fly without stopping except for battery swap.� Using it mainly for filming football practices.� My teen son uses it to film just about everything so its rugged enough to get manhandled a bit.� �Would have gotten a 5 of 5 except for the inability to change the bit rate on that video.This can be due to the fact that as of recently this platform is not required for FAA registration (only providing to DJI confirmed e-mail that might be stored on the device): pre-flight waypoint planning is not implemented aka mission planning.

The second Spark had its own challenges and two more hours of online support and the obligatory refresh everything.Finally, I have just completely setup my second Spark Fly More Combo using an i Phone 7.The first Spark had to be returned as it never allowed gesture control.With recording and cross-winds it will be less, that is why your 'critical battery level' alarm will sound in about 7 minutes to allow for return. I use it as a personal camera in the sky to shoot great imagery when I go dirt biking and mountain biking.Note for users of optional remote that it is recommended in signal congested urban or housing areas: use usb or lightning cable with OTG adapter to your smart phone / tablet. It does a remarkable job at tracking me on both my dirt bike (if I'm not riding to fast) and electric mountain bike.

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