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Section 501(f)), as that section may be amended.(c) If a governing board has under its control at least million in book value of endowment funds, such governing board may invest all funds described in this section under prudent person standards.(c-1) If a governing board does not have under its control at least million in book value of endowment funds, the governing board may contract to pool its funds described in this section with another institution that meets the million in book value of endowment funds threshold established under Subsection (c), and have its funds invested by that governing board under prudent person standards.(d) As used in this section, "prudent person standard" is the standard of care described in Article VII, Section 11b, of the Texas Constitution, and means that standard of judgment and care that prudent investors, exercising reasonable care, skill, and caution, would acquire or retain in light of the purposes, terms, distribution requirements, and other circumstances of the fund then prevailing, taking into consideration the investment of all the assets of the fund rather than a single investment.

(a) A governing board shall adopt by rule or resolution a written investment policy for the investment of its institutional funds.(b) Not less than quarterly, an institution of higher education shall prepare and submit to the governing board of the institution a written report of the institution's institutional funds investment transactions for the preceding reporting period.(c) In addition to other information that may be required by the governing board, the report must contain:(1) a summary statement of each pooled fund group that states the beginning market value for the reporting period, additions and changes to the market value during the period, and the ending market value for the period; and(2) the book value and market value of each separately invested asset at the beginning and end of the reporting period by type of asset and fund type invested.(d) In this section:(1) "Governing board" means a governing board described in Section 51.0031(c).(2) "Institution of higher education" means an institution of higher education under the governance of a governing board to which this section applies.(3) "Pooled fund group" means an internally created fund of an institution of higher education in which one or more institutional accounts are invested.(4) "Separately invested asset" means an account of an institution of higher education that is not invested in a pooled fund group.

Texas State University is the state's fifth largest university with more than 38,000 students. Check out a sampling of our Trips, Treks and Adventures - San Marcos Itineraries to find the perfect fit for your family or group.

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Each institution of higher education shall prepare a complete annual financial report as prescribed by Section 2101.011, Government Code.

This is reportedly the longest continuously inhabited site in North America, according to underwater archeologist Dr. Our People: With a population of more than 64,589 (2018), San Marcos boasts a unique multicultural heritage and history where Hispanic, African-American, German, Anglo and other cultural influences are a part of everyday life.Bobcat Spirit: Texas State University, is the fourth largest university in the state with more than 38,849 students as of August 2016. The university participates in Division I of the Sun Belt Conference (FBS in football).Join us at a game and help celebrate our Bobcat Pride.A Walk In the Park: 1200 Acres - includes miles of hike and bike trails, children's park, skatepark, dog park, and beautiful public access river frontage.Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude: San Marcos is in the perfect location with a latitude reading of 29 degrees and 53 minutes North and longitude of 97 degrees and 56 minutes West!

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