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Latin Americans who converted from Catholicism to Protestantism most often said they did so because they were seeking a more personal connection with God.The change has political and religious implications.His non-violent advocacy approach earned him worldwide respect.

Some indigenous ideas, such as belief in the “evil eye,” are widespread (held by at least one-third in each country).

The findings are not a total surprise — it has been evident for some time that evangelical, and particularly Pentecostal, churches are growing in Latin America, generally at the expense of Catholicism.

But the Pew study, which was conducted by in-person interviews with 30,000 adults in 18 countries and Puerto Rico, provides significant evidence for the trend, and shows that it is both broad and rapid.

For the first time, one of their own is serving as pope, providing a visible reminder of the importance the region plays in the global church.

But after a century in which nearly all Latin Americans identified as Catholic, the church’s claim on the region is lessening.

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