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For example, colors became an especially popular theme at this time lol.

One must also remember that Tommy James was primarily a hit-maker so it's likely that the meaing of the lyrics isn't even that significant.

And with being a DJ I do my best at giving the fans the loner cut of a song.

If you watch the music video on youtube in which TOMMY JAMES was wearing a brown vest and ruffled shirt, the multiple mirror part at the mark definitely has a drug feel to it. The home improvement store where I worked would play oldies on the radio, but it was often hard to hear the lyrics or much of the melody itself.

He doesn't have it anymore, but I still love that car and hope to have one of my own some day!

On January 26th 1969, Tommy James and the Shondells performed "Crimson and Clover" on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show'And on that very same it day it peaked at #1 (for 2 weeks) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; it had entered the chart on December 8th, 1968 and spent 16 weeks on the Top 100 (and for 11 of those 16 weeks it was on the Top 10)... love/sex=Red drug=GREEN Which brings you 2 the end of the song & the swirling feeling you get hearing him sing it, u can understand how he was feeling n his bliss.1 of my all time favorites-my husband cant stand it lol! Anyway, the top forty was full of lyrics that the censors would crack down on, if they knew what was going on.I was in 8th grade when I first heard crimson and clover. It was about Samantha and being with my friends Things were changing. Especially since when the band was interviewed once, Tommy was asked what the song was about and he replied, with a shy smirk, "Innocence.......".It just resonated with me the same way the song resonated over my transistor radio.... I had to buy the 45 and I would just listen & stare at the orange and yellow label spinning....hypnotizing....magnetizing.... Tommy James and the Shondells also played at the YMCA in my mother's small upstate New York town in the 60's, and after the show, my mother got a kiss on the cheek from Tommy. So I'm gonna listen to someone who was there, my Mom!Huh, in my whole 18 years I have never thought until now to find out the meaning of the song that my twin sister and I are named after. And I do not not doubt that Tommy James would have (originally and forever) claimed that he did not intend any specific meaning by the words crimson and clover. I comletely believe him that he publicly thought that. Tommy James is a guy, like every guy who ever loved this song, and only one part of his body becomes crimson - - and is irresistibly drawn to the part of a girl's body that exactly ressembles the delicate pinkish-lavender clover in its respledent bloom - - the female flower. You need not be ashamed if you never consciously realized that this is why you love this song so much. I could feel the compassion in yourcomment about your dad and how you played tapes. Where do you get off calling people "idiots" because the song was mis-interpreted by you as well? To this day it reminds me of my daddy who has since passed. In my opinion people are trying to read too much into it and are getting too complex.As far as I knew it was the first record she had ever bought. But without a doubt, Crimson and Clover is about the fulfillment of the most basic of human urges, and how awesomely good it makes you feel. If you weren't around in those days I can tell you that it was the most interesting era in American history. I think this song is simply about him taking her innocence (if U know what I mean).

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