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In 2014, in Santa Barbara, a 22-year-old killed six people, two of them Tri Delta sorority women, as “retribution” (his word, in a manifesto) for his celibate misery.The Toronto police added that yesterday’s van suspect might be “mentally ill,” and by implication defective not in morals but in mind.The fact that the Toronto police officer who arrested the driver did so without shooting him is itself a sign of barbarism’s retreat.To this optimism, however, we should add two notes of despair.

To have a sex life of some sort seems to me a human right.

(ISIS actually instituted sex slavery, modeled on the sex slavery practiced by the Prophet Muhammad.

Estimates of the total number of ISIS sex slaves do not exceed the low thousands—mostly Yazidis, but possibly including the American aid worker Kayla Mueller.) These criminals have a common but not generic variety of wickedness, with many antecedents in history.

The evidence we see now points to pure violent sexual frustration. It’s important to sympathize with the sexless, if not the sexless murderer.

Like most things, sex is harder to appreciate when it’s available.

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Some might find consolation in noticing that we have seen this type of murder before.

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