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Neither one of us owns anything, (at least he hasn't said so if he does, so...) but anyway, here we go... Music played, the disco ball spun, creating cute lights everywhere. We being witches are my families' best kept secret. "Anyway, if people knew about my gift, I would either be an outcast, or be so popular I wouldn't have a normal life." She eyed Kim.Chapter 1 : Prolog Begins Kim Possible was dressed in a silky white dress with a burnt skirt, while Ron Stoppable was dressed in a white and blue tuxedo. Rufus glared up at his master and his new girlfriend. " he grunted, pushing Ron's leg, moving him closer to Kim, and then, he ran over and did the same thing to Kim. And the main reason we don't tell is so that we can have a normal life. "I know that you don't get it and keeping a secret like this is hard, but belief me, it can backfire if the world knew about your gift."Kim eyed her mother, and then lowered her head in submission."Now," Ann continued smoothly, "Shall we get started?Meanwhile, Bonnie seemed to seethe with an inner anger that changed her beautiful looks into an ugly mask. A FEW MONTHS LATERKim Possible and her boyfriend Ron Stoppable were heading toward the Possible house. She cleared her throat, preparing to say something. Kim was about to reach for the door knob, but Ron, quickly grabbed it first. " she asked, her blue eyes looking away from Kim."Mom? This led him to develop a pathological fear of monkeys and apes that has been frequently mentioned throughout the series, as well as a less-mentioned fear of insects and spiders.

During Season 2, it was revealed that Ron was first introduced to the freelance hero business when reclusive Upperton millionaire Mr. Based on the period in which Kim wore braces, this event was some 2 years prior to the start of Season 1.Ron's feeling for Kim have been addressed several times during seasons 1-3, most notably when Kim came under the influence of a mood altering device that caused her to pursue him romantically, and were finally resolved during the last installment of the Season 3 finale(originally intended to be the final episode of the franchise).In that, Ron's feelings for Kim become more pronounced when she starts dating new kid Erik and he finally starts to admit to himself his true feelings. "A witch is about as evil or ugly as a human who is not a witch." Then she relaxed, and shrugged. "That's horrible.""Oh, don't worry dear," her mother replied, walking over and touching her daughter's shoulder. "Anything is possible, for a Possible." she replied, her blue eyes glistened in amusement. "But I always thought all witches were ugly and evil." she countered with frown. "That's in fairy tales, this is real life." she replied with a slight frown. "Kim leaned on her mother's dresser, trying to process this. "During the Salem witch trials, your great, great, great grandmother, Kimberly Stewart was burned at the stake for an ability she inherited.""Oh mom," Kim exclaimed in shock, slumping against the dresser in sorrow.

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