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( -- These days it can feel like the age of anxiety is winning over the pursuit of happiness.

An uncertain economy and the swine flu are just the tip of our worry iceberg.

The movement helped move the worry right out of me, and the nude part worked symbolically for setting me free." -- Elisabeth Manning, 39, Marin County, California 7.

Be very still Regularly taking a little quiet time -- meditating or perhaps sipping a warm cup of tea -- helps you appreciate the moment and your life, Baraz says.

It makes you come alive." A new prescription for happiness "I row myself into a better mood.Surrounding yourself with other happy people can hike your odds of being upbeat by 9 percent, studies show.But steer clear of complainers: Downer friends bring you, well, down, says change expert Ariane de Bonvoisin, author of The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier, and founder of First30Practice being happy Most people discover that happiness isn't related to objects or experiences, though those things can give us fleeting pleasure, says Baraz, whose book Awakening Joy will be out in January."Studies show that happiness comes with certain states of mind and heart, such as generosity, kindness, or gratitude," he says.

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