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She has been working closely with newcomers for five years and has a lot of experience in helping them to understand the Canadian banking system for a better management of their finances.

A perfect resumé will get you an interview, but your personal skills get you the job!

Managing your finances well is an important part of your settlement.

With career settlement tips and tying in her personal story, Dr.So, he did what most Canadians do when they have to fix a problem — DIY.He put on his research hat and studied how to effectively job search, learned about Canadian work culture, practised interviewing skills, and knew when to appropriately add the “eh? One year of effort prior to landing in Canada paid off.She is a dynamic career specialist who aspires to help all clients realize the necessity of career development and the value of self-assessment and strategic planning.Following her arrival to Canada in 2003, she helped co-ordinate a multitude of multicultural development projects and actively volunteered for various organizations.

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