Is shane and danielle from bb14 dating

Sometimes it wasn't the most expensive, but after we added the bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate nothing in particular, the bill always made it seem like a fancy establishment.My absolute FAVORITE thing to do with Dani is to go to petting zoos and watch Dani feed animals. Throughout our years together Dani and I have really been all over the place and tried so many things." I think I replied with, "Well I do enjoy sitting criss-cross applesauce." From there I learned he also loved cats, that our parents lived pretty close together, and that he would 'love to hop in my car for a ride home' that upcoming weekend.Well I am still not sure what happened to Shane's own car that month but I felt like every other weekend we were carpooling home together.In December 2012, after many Waffle Shop (not Waffle House) breakfasts, lunches, and dinner (all funded by Shane), we decided to 'go out' and make it FBO.That stands for 'Facebook Official.' Almost and not much has changed.I can't begin to count the number of times he traveled to see me wherever I was living and the countless hours we spent on the phone talking.In October of 2016, we traveled to Penn State for the PSU Homecoming game.

I learned that Shane does not have good music taste, I could talk to that man for hours, and I have never had anyone make me laugh that much in a 3 hour car ride.

Paul also shared a similar photo of them flaunting PDA.

"Danielle and Paulie were set up by their publicist," a source told E! "They are completely obsessed with each other and both have never been happier.

Each of these places have had so many adventures and great restaurants.

Everywhere we went, we were sure to dine at their most expensive restaurant, and visit their zoo or aquarium.

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I met Shane in August 2012 at the happiest valley on earth, Penn State.

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