Is chili still dating lassi

Plus eating the fries with the funny, mini plastic forks they generally give you is definitely something you need to try.

These flatbread sandwiches filled with shredded meat, vegetables, and sauces originated from Turkey and can be found in different variations all over Europe.

Rice tables often include dishes such as egg rolls, satay, fish, and vegetables of various flavors and spiciness level, of course served with rice.

) has opened another outlet in Taman Bukit Desa - Lao Jiu Lou 老酒楼, just a few doors away from Sanuki Udon. The restaurant's simple decor has a Oriental feel to it, with red tables, benches and red lanterns.If you’re not into that sort of thing, window shopping at a coffee shop is still an important Amsterdam tourist attraction.This traditional Spanish rice dish with veggies, seafood, or meat is definitely worth a try but is actually from Valencia, not Barcelona.Plus they’re often served as tapas so you can order a few other little dishes with them and get the classic Spanish tapas experience at the same time.This dish, found in restaurants and street stands across the city, consists of bratwurst with a curry ketchup sauce, often with a side of fries.

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