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, when filing an FAA Flight Plan (FAA Form 7233-1), operators will use a new set of aircraft equipment suffixes to indicate Advanced RNAV and RVSM capabilities.

Either /J, /K /L or a newly defined /Q will be filed to indicate Advanced RNAV and RVSM capabilities. The revised aircraft equipment suffix table that will be effective on September 1, 2005 is attached to this notice.

Simultaneous approaches to parallel runways with centerline spacing of 9000' or less fall into one of the following three classes: RNAV approach procedures that are approved for simultaneous operations require GPS as the sensor for position updating.

VOR/DME, DME/DME and IRU RNAV updating is not authorized.

The Gulf of Mexico, where single long-range navigation system (S-LRNS) RNP 10 is authorized; i.e., the Houston oceanic control area (CTA)/flight information region (FIR) and the portion of the Miami CTA/FIR overlying the Gulf of Mexico, Monterrey CTA, and Merida High CTA within the Mexico FIR/upper control area (UTA).

Filing /W will not preclude such aircraft from filing and flying direct routes in enroute airspace.

When parallel runway centrelines are separated by more than 9000'/2745 m (9200' if airport elevation is above 5000' MSL), no specific restrictions are imposed on simultaneous approach procedures once the aircraft is established on the final approach course.

However, when centrelines are spaced by 9000' or less, special procedures must be put in force to help preclude Loss of Separation between aircraft conducting simultaneous approaches.

Full and proper call signs should be used to prevent the inadvertent execution of clearances intended for another aircraft or confusion due to similar sounding call signs.

Pilots must be alert to unusually long periods of silence or any unusual background sounds in their radio receiver as a stuck microphone could block the issuance of ATC instructions.

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Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) provide an additional element of safety to parallel approach operations.

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