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Fix: The Look and Feel page allows you to customize the way times and dates are presented to users throughout the JIRA user interface.When specifying dates and times, they should be based on the Java Simple Date Format.If a passed-in string value is successfully parsed, the value of 'testdate' would be a Javascript Date object representing the passed-in string value. None of these answers worked for me (tested in Safari 6.0) when trying to validate a date such as 2/31/2012, however, they work fine when trying any date greater than 31. Assuming the date is in the format I've written this function. The selected answer is excellent, and I'm using it as well.Pass it a string parameter and it will determine whether it's a valid date or not based on this format "dd/MM/yyyy". However, if you're looking for a way to validate user date input, you should be aware that the Date object is very persistent about making what might appear to be invalid construction arguments into valid ones.

The two properties in this Java/Java Script pair must match in order for the date (or date/time) picker they define to function correctly.

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You can still see the absolute date/time by hovering over the field.

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