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However, the Query Cache still does some work before finding out that query_cache_size is 0 and returning.

For example, Query Cache::invalidate() builds up a list of tables used, and calls Query Cache::invalidate_table().

For more information on how Inno DB interacts with the query cache, please read pages 213-215 of the book "High Performance My SQL (Second Edition)".

If all or the majority of your data is My ISAM, you could go with your original idea of using SQL_NO_CACHE.

For Inno DB under My SQL 4.0, the query cache was disabled for transactions.

When you make a query that's in the query cache, normally the cached will be returned, even if the query uses a table that another client has locked because it's modifying the table.

But if you set this option, it will not use the query cache in this case, it will wait for the other client to finish what they're doing and unlock the table.

The only way to not acquire the query cache mutex in My SQL pre-5.5 is to compile My SQL without query cache. For My SQL 5.5 , to completely disable the query cache (thus, not acquiring the query cache mutex) is required to set query_cache_type=OFF at startup (not at runtime).

That also means that if query_cache_type=OFF at startup, you need to restart My SQL if later you want to enable the query cache (you can’t enable it at runtime).

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