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But once they sign a contract with an entertainment company, they find there is a lot more to pay than just hard work and persistence.Female trainees are traded by brokers and are allegedly brought to bars and forced to engage in sexual work to get ahead, even if they are still minors.She said this is an open secret throughout the Korean entertainment industry, and actresses and singers are expected or forced to give sexual services in order to get advancement opportunities.In 2002, Jang Seok-woo, CEO of Open World Entertainment, was arrested for not only sexually abusing female trainees, but encouraging male idols in his employ to do the same.The anti-fans then turned their rage against Tablo’s family, accusing his mother of faking a gold medal win at an international hairstyling competition in 1968.(She didn’t, but the news report that claimed she had was an error that she herself cleared up.) So many threatening phone calls were made to Tablo’s brother David that he lost his job with a public broadcaster.

They say that hate is not the opposite of love, but rather they are two sides of the same coin.

This pattern repeated in 2006, when Yunho from the beleaguered group TVXQ needed to have his stomach pumped after he was given a drink laced with an adhesive substance.

One organized anti-fan incident that was less destructive and more humorously dramatic was aimed at Girls’ Generation during the Dream Concert in 2008.

The rage of anti-fans is not limited to physical attacks or public disses.

Attacks on reputation, even unfounded, can cause immense damage to individuals in Korea’s music scene.

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