Intimidating hostile or offensive work environment

"Now it's a public forum where people can see your comments, screen-shot your comments, share your comments.All of a sudden, something you shared that you thought was in confidence is misconstrued or taken out of context." Annually in a Gallup Poll, nurses are ranked as the most trusted professionals in the United States, Benjamin said, but that trust easily can be eroded if people perceive them as biased.

In March 2011, a phlebotomist was terminated after she took to her Facebook page to post profane comments about her co-workers who she said blamed everything on her.That's how hundreds of Facebook users described Linthicum's comment that Clark deserved to be killed.No one deserves to die, said RN Shaheen Lebastchi, who works in Lodi."Another much more common example is an employee who sends a coworker an unwelcome sexually explicit text after hours," Jenness said."Even though the text was sent off-duty, such a text would still violate the employer’s anti-harassment policy and would subject the employee to discipline, up to and including immediate termination.

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