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" And you are going to define me based on the fact I am looking to Talk/E-mail? Say this out loud a few times..."I'm not looking for friends" Seriously? If we can't be friends, we don't need to be dating. If you are trying to figure out what someone is looking for based on a multiple choice question, you damn well better define the choices.How else are you going to meet someone on the internet? Those kind of people end up on Jerry Springer, probation, in jail or dead. But this is still different than discriminating people who have messaged certain types of users.Do you have some kind of technology that allows me to get to know someone without... I could seriously rant for hours on how poorly the whole system is set up. At least someone can go change what they are looking for.You're in the miniscule minority if you have no idea what an "intimate encounter" is, especially when it pertains to online dating. But if that person just so happens to have selected the "intimate encounter" option I'm suddenly not allowed to message a whole group of people? A girl clicked yes on meet me and now I can't message her because of the same thing.This is making my brain hurt.^^Wow, I'm trying not to be unsympathetic to your predicament, but you've been here one day?

2.characterized by or involving warm friendship or a personally close or familiar association or feeling: an intimate greeting.Oddly I notice here that there seems to be a contradiction; people say that they don’t want an intimate encounter, but yet they list themselves as interested in dating and/or marriage.In my book dating and marriage is intimate; so some of the terminology that is being used seems absurd contradictory and seems to have some sort of vague subtle manipulative hidden meanings.I think it is deliberately a vague/phrase so that people can use the phrase vaguely to make implications of sex; and or to ostracize people. I had to come to the web page to figure it out when I tried to send a message and it said I wasn't allowed to contact the man.I think it is deliberately vague, so it could be used selectively to manipulate people. So, because I politely replied to a few people who contacted me, I've already ruined my brand new account because I had NO idea about the "Intimate Encounter" restriction thing.

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3private; closely personal: one's intimate affairs. 4.characterized by or suggesting privacy or intimacy; warmly cozy: an intimate little café.

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