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On the plus side, they help the reader relate to the character (because taxes are Serious Business in Real Life) and can even make the villain more sympathetic, pitting them against the unfathomable might of... Even gangsters who get away daily with murder and robbery may fall into the clutches of the law, dead or alive, if they don't pay their income tax.

You are a true renegade, fighting for what you believe in and standing up for what's right.Based on His Majesty's Inland Revenue department, it was founded shortly after the beginning of the USA's Civil War as part of the process of full economic mobilisation required to build up and sustain an army big enough to suppress the rebellion.Most every country has its own version of this, often depicted the same way. See also Forensic Accounting, a common tool used by the Intimidating Revenue Service.Audit Threat is when the characters threaten to call the Intimidating Revenue Service or their friend who works there.Taxman Takes the Winnings is when you win a big sum of money only for the IRS to take its very large chunk - no intimidation is necessary there.

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