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That said, Cuddy doesn't break up with him because he took one pill.We used House's addiction as a symbol of his inability to deal with pain.Are the writers, as a rule, generally present on set, and if so, are there a lot of last-minute adjustments?Liz: On "House," writers are on set the whole time their episodes are filming, so we were there for the fantasy sequences.On a collaborative teleplay like “Bombshells,” do you all sit in the same room and scream at each other until you get the 44 pages?Liz: We generally divide up the acts, each taking half of the script.It actually wasn't conceived as a direct send-up of that particular show, but in the execution it definitely ended up coming pretty close.

Our hats are off to Greg Yaitanes, our super-talented and resourceful exec producer director and our stellar crew for that.Liz: We had one extra day, which is really nothing considering that each of the five dream sequences was a totally different world and look.Production-wise that's the equivalent of doing five teasers.The “Bombshells” episode of “House” this past Monday shocked (and dismayed Huddy shippers) a lot of viewers. They’ve taken a little time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions about this critical and unusual episode.“Bombshells” had two major, major plot points: The breakup of Huddy and the re-addiction of House.

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As a long-time horror film fan, I had the best time writing House vs.

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