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Daytimes are sunny although night times can be very cold.March and April are very pleasant, although humidity levels are often high.Expatriates will find that many things here are more expensive than their home country, especially if they look to replicate their lives back home.

Jobs in teaching English as a foreign language are readily available to those with appropriate qualifications and the salaries on offer provide most expats with the chance to live very comfortably whilst also saving some money.Today however, 90 per cent of its GDP comes from its service sector, while manufacturing now accounts for a mere 9 per cent.The country is one of the world's largest financial hubs and is said to be one of the Four Asian Tigers in terms of its rapid industrialization and impressive growth rates.Historically there have been employment opportunities for expats in Hong Kong in the fields of finance, logistics and I. However, as with many countries, Hong Kong has suffered during the recession and these positions are now in much greater demand.Outside of the finance industry, securing work with Chinese language speaking ability is becoming increasingly difficult and for those that do, the salaries they are offered may not live up to expectations.

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