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Since the armour of Glaucus was golden and that of Diomedes brazen, the expression golden for brazen (Iliad, vi. Another legendary founder in Lycian and Greek mythology is Bellerophon, honoured at the Lycian city of Tlos where his body was supposedly laid to rest .

236) came to be used proverbially for a bad exchange. In the Iliad, Homer mentions a renowned Lycian archer named Panderus fighting as an ally of the Trojans in the Trojan War. A tomb relief of Bellerophon on Pegasus dating c.350-320 BC can be seen there and it is assumed that there was a cult center at Tlos.

On the morning of the tenth day, Bellerophon hands the letter to King Iobates.

Upon reading the letter the Lycian king sympathizes with his son-in-law but cannot justify killing a guest.

Bellerophon is also seen often elsewhere on reliefs from the end of the 5In Grecian times, Bellerophon (the brave son of the Korintos hero Flaukos) spies a flying horse.

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If this is the case, then Bellerophon was quickly adopted by the Lycians.

He is seen in relief at Tlos slaying the chimerea while mounted upon Pegasus, as well as on the Limyra Heroon and the Trysa Heroon.

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