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In Scotland, the most frequent gym users have an average age of 75, while London has the lowest age of gym goers visiting the most, at 65.Edinburgh, St Albans, Sheffield and Glasgow have the highest numbers of octogenarians gym members in the UK, while on the whole 74 year-olds in Leicester are the most frequent gym users, averaging 14 visits per month.

Researchers at Iowa State University found that people’s ability to withstand the pain and exertion of exercise could be up to 50 per cent genetically influenced.

” Well, God took that bit of pride away because then, in October, our townhouse went under contract, and everything fell apart… In fact, “runner” may not even be the correct word for me. And I’m not ashamed of that; the only problem is that if you’re not a fast or even decent runner and you’re trying to do long lengths, you need time, and lots of it.

I had hit eight miles right before my training took a nosedive, which meant a couple of hours of my day was spent just putting a checkmark next to “Run so-and-so miles” on my daily to-do list.

Over half of those surveyed said they used the gym as a hook up spot, with 10 per cent carrying condoms in their gym bag just in case they get lucky.

And it’s not just men, women are coming prepared as 47 per cent of those having sex at the gym are female.

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Almost a third of those participants also admitted that they never even worked up a sweat at the gym.

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