Gus hansen dating tennis

He can play every hand like he has Aces, and if you finally think he has nothing, he suddenly turns over the rockets.

He spent most of his time playing cash games and every now and then he would play a tournament for a change.

If he wasn't spending his time doing sports, he kept busy in school, especially with maths.

The Dane was fascinated by everything that was connected with maths.

Here he started focussing on playing backgammon and Gin Rummy, but he soon decided to quit, seeing as the action in backgammon tournaments was very limited.Being a fan of maths is obviously a great precondition for a poker player.Gus was introduced to the game while in summer camp, where he often used to go as a kid.The 6,000 prize money was Hansen's first cash in a big tournament and was definitely his breakthrough in the big poker scene.One year later Hansen would show the world that his win wasn't just a 'lucky shot' and that he was anything but a flash in the pan. A Poker Classics, bagging him another 0K in prize money.

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