Giving space when dating

For many people, this tiny phrase triggers fear and insecurity, for others defensiveness or sadness. There is no right or wrong way to feel but by being careful with your response and yourself, you can be assured to walk away (whether together or separately) with your head held high. Try the suggestions below and let us know how it works for you in the comments section. Take Them At Face Value Your partner is telling you they need something, so it’s time to listen carefully.

Today’s guest blog is from therapist Gina Senarighi, who suggests some great ways to work through this tough sitiuation.Think of it this way: The next time the two of you talk, you'll have so many more interesting and new things to discuss. A new crush will feel threatened if you constantly need to know her whereabouts.Avoid asking her daily where she's going and with whom.Resist the temptation to text him throughout the night.Naomi Baldinger began writing professionally in 2007.

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Doing this will give you solace and answers that you need to feel more secure. Be Clear It’’s also important to be clear on your end of the conversation. What do you want them to know before you begin your time apart? Stay Grounded Stay in touch with your core and be the best self you have.

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