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The WEF ranks South Korea equal first in the world on the lack of Aids prevalence with less than 0.1 percent of the population being infected.

One activist argues that due to the concealed nature of homosexuality in Korea, they are not given adequate education around preventing STDs.

“The entire Christian community must stand up and stop homosexuality.”Juneyoung Lee is a board member of an affirming church and active member of the LGBT community.“[Pastors say] the sons and daughters coming out of the closet, that you are not doing your duty as a son or daughter because this is against Confucianistic way on which our society is woven. It was the pastor and pastor’s wife’s fault that he died.”A survey by the Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center reveals that 76 percent of young Koreans who identify with a sexual minority have considered suicide and 58 percent have attempted suicide.

They pick and choose certain elements of our Korean society and culturally bind it by using the scripture and Confucianistic virtues and pin them on to say why they are against homosexuality.”Juneyoung recalls the death of his very close gay friend who experienced severe homophobia from his church’s pastor.“On Christmas Eve he called me and had a handful of sleeping pills. Park Joo-won says he had a boyfriend at 15 and wanted to be a good Christian.

LGBT activist Jay Bo has lived and worked between Korea and the U. for years.“You see a lot of situations where Korean men come out to their families and their families ask them when they are getting married [to a woman],” Jay said.

Of the dozen sources, ten are frightened to “come out” to their parents as they feel they will be rejected by their family, friends, co-workers and ultimately society.

This fear has lead to the migration of members of the LGBT community to foreign countries where they do not have to hide their sexuality.“I’ve always told my parents that I don’t want to get married, but they want me to and they want grandkids to coo over.

One is through the church and they have various methods to try to extract homosexuality from an individual. Both of these are very traumatic experiences for the confused young person.“If I came out to my parents I imagine they’d yell at me a lot and start trying to spy on my private life a lot more.

They might even send me to live with my grandmother who’s a pastor so she can pray the gay away,” Lee Eun-seo said.

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“The gist of it was warning me to leave him alone and stop corrupting him with my evil ways.”A huge majority of lesbians and gays in South Korea are living double lives, hiding their true identities from their colleagues, friends, and their families.“I used to talk about my girlfriend as a male and made up stories when people asked about her. Kim’s mother had a very physical reaction when she came out of the closet.“First she was really shocked and I thought she would die!

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