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( I'm in court tomorrow Unlikely to be resolved at the first hearing though, as that would depend on the cooperation of my kid's mum which ain't going to happen. ( I was away Thursday and Friday Fucking hell, a deluge of GDPR emails!I just deleted them all on the basis that any company that leaves it until the last minute will be shit and can fuck the fuck off.I move that Tommy Robinson be arrested for contempt of court!"*cheering and clapping* ( She had a huge pile of printed-out text transcripts The judge literally tossed them aside and said 'I'm not interested in reading those'.

With a little imagination and confidence, you will be able to meet lots of people who share the same turn-ons as you.

The good ones taste like even worse shit, but they actually fucking do something.

( I can imagine the scene now "my learned counsel, your honor, members of the jury, I put it to you that this is not only not the mother of my child, this is not even a woman, this is in fact Tommy Robinson in a dress and some no.17 lipstick inexpertly applied to his eyebrows.

I might get banned for that or because this is not a valid qotw answer. Makes a change from getting smashed friday/saturday and wasting the rest hungover.

( I watched Boss Baby this weeekend because I needed to keep my brat occupied and at one point the main character makes this massive leap and there was a sound effect like "shu-shu-shu-shu" as time slowed down and I know it's from a 70s tv show but I don't know which one and I don't care enough to research it. Might go down the park with a book and a couple of cold tinnies though.

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( I was at a Technical Communications conference then most people were saying "Happy GDPR Day" and laughing about how many companies fucked it up, except the two pricks with towels bleating about Hitchhikers Guide Day.

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