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Grandmother Winston asked the children to call her Nana instead of Grandmother.

She moved into Jerry’s room and he had to share a room and bed with Michael.

They target married women because there is less chance a married woman will try to trap them into marriage, and married women are much more likely to be discrete about a quickie in the supply closet.” “You mean to tell me there are married women working here who will actually sneak off into a supply closet and have sex with these two doctors?Be sure it is at least ten inches long and get the one that vibrates six different speeds.You will enjoy it much more than the one that just penetrates.” Catherine was astounded at Mrs. She thanked her for the advice, and then retreated to her private office.” “Ha….married nurses seem to be more willing to play than the young single ones.I guess it’s the ‘Seven Year Itch’ that attracts them to these two young doctors.

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