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VETA - You didn't tell him anything about our party, did you? VETA - Oh - uh - MYRTLE - Oh mother, people get run over by trucks every day. Even if people do call your uncle peculiar, he is still my baby brother and this thing is not his fault. 11 MED FULL SHOT SIDE IN DRAWING ROOM Camera pulls back & pans as Myrtle follows Veta across drawing room & into dining room - Veta swings kitchen door open & calls - Veta & Myrtle hurriedly set dining table for party - MYRTLE - Oh you're not telling! You promised you wouldn't say that name and you said it! VETA - Now, Myrtle, dear - you know the whole idea of this party this afternoon is to -- Is to get you started socially, so that you can meet some nice young man. MYRTLE - Now Miss Johnson -- VETA - Now Myrtle, let me handle this, dear. MISS JOHNSON - There was a man here a minute ago and he stopped and he spoke to me. MISS JOHNSON - Do you think I'd stay in this house after that? VETA - I know whose fault it is, dear-- but I'm not telling. VETA - Myrtle Mae, do I have to keep reminding you - your Uncle Elwood is not living with us -- we're living with him. 13 CLOSE SHOT VETA Reacts - horrified - camera pans as she hurries forward to Myrtle & claps her hand over Myrtle's mouth - both turn & look off - VETA - (GASPS) - You said that name! DISSOLVES INTO Director of Photography William Daniels A. Bud Westmore The Stage Play "Harvey" was produced by Brock Pemberton COPYRIGHT MCMXL BY UNIVERSAL PICTURES COMPANY, INC.

Halsey-- 16 MED SHOT IN LIBRARY Veta running forward from hall b.g.

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10 SHOOTING THRU DOORWAY INTO HALL FROM DRAWING ROOM Myrtle follows Veta into the room from hall - camera pans & dollies in slightly as Veta hides kimonos in cabinet - talk - VETA - We haven't got much time. MYRTLE - Well, if it isn't his fault, whose fault is it? MYRTLE - Oh mother, why can't we live like other people? 12 CLOSE SHOT MYRTLE Smoothing table cloth as she blurts out - MYRTLE - His pal, Harvey! I don't care what anyone says - there's something sweet about every young girl - and a man takes that sweetness and look what he does with it.

- camera pans & dollies after Myrtle as she hurries to conservatory-like end of room - Myrtle peers out through curtains - calls - VETA - You're sweet and you have so much to offer.

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