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So technically we paid £160 for a table, which we never got.At the door we were told that its too late for the table and we were then asked for an entry fee of £10 each.

I had to speak to 4 different people before anyone knew about my booking. They did ask me to pay a deposit fee of £60 which could be redeemed agains drinks & food. Also, their food selection is very limited and it took ages to be served. Went to Floripa to continue the night with dancing and drinking - really fun, party vibe venue to dance the night away and enjoy a cool party mash up mix!

I paid a deposit of £160 which was non refundable with an understanding that this deposit was for a drinks area table booking.

We arrived 10pm on the dot as we got a bit lost and I knew there was a 30 minutes leeway for lateness.

other than the coats and table issue....all enjoyed our time and would go back. We are glad the issues you had were dealt with promptly and you were able to enjoy the rest of your night. I had a large booking for 16 people for 9.30pm as it was my birthday that day.

I was asked to pay deposit £10 per head beforehand.

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We settled on ordering some Mojitos as we saw a few of those flying out of the bar.

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