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This can be annoying (they steal your focus) and hard to debug (they receive extra events as you mouse over them).

Instead, use -- this makes the test harness and browser process share the outermost process.

Alternatively, you might find out the process ID from Chrome's built-in Task Manager (under the Tools menu).

Code can be written on Windows itself using VSCode and debugged through use the default distro. NOTE: Creator's Update (Build 15063 or later) is required due to bug-fixes within the subsystem that we rely on to provide debugging.If the problem only occurs with the seccomp sandbox enabled (and the previous tricks don‘t help), you could try enabling core-dumps (see the Core files section).That would allow you to get a backtrace and see some local variables, though you won’t be able to step through the running program.Here's how to install the Arabic (ar) and Hebrew (he) language packs: files.(Please update these docs with the appropriate instructions if you know what they are.)See the last section of Linux Crash Dumping; you need to set a gyp variable and an environment variable for the crash dump tests to work.

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The “xterm” is necessary or gdb will run in the current terminal, which can get particularly confusing since it’s running in the background, and if you‘re also running the main process in gdb, won’t work at all (the two instances will fight over the terminal).

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