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Which brings us, of course, to the present dilemma. I had recently graduated, and was staring down the abyss of unemployment. We started off with a small nest egg amassed while finishing my degree -- but after 6 months without work, we had burned through this. "We really need the money, Luke." When I thought about prostitution, it didn't seem like that big a deal in theory. But whatever my thoughts in the abstract, things were crucially different when it was my wife. But if you want to do this -- no, if you're willing to do this... She was notoriously shy when it came to being sexy, certainly ironic given what we were now doing. The scene was modest enough to keep you guessing and wanting, but sexy enough to make you want a lot. "Solicitation", an appropriate euphemism for a shameful act. My wife was now on the market -- for sale to whomever wanted her. Rachel and I had agreed that I would be home while she did this, in case anything went wrong and I needed to intervene.

"You're the only girl for me." Rachel smiled, but then frowned, suddenly.

She didn't want this anymore than I did, so it's not like she was crushing on someone, or going to fall in love with them. I couldn't imagine sharing her with somebody else, let alone selling her to somebody else. The thought of someone else putting his hands all over her, inside of her, enjoying her charms and bringing her pleasure. And that's when I realized I had to let Rachel do this. And choosing that over keeping a roof over our heads was selfish, nothing more. Relief that we would have some way to pay our debts, and not lose our home. I want to be super clear that I'm not asking you to do this, and if you don't want to do it, we'll figure something out. It was a Saturday, around five, and we were just sitting there, holding one another. Not that it was easy for me either -- we were also announcing to the world that my wife was for sale, which in the final analysis, wasn't much less shameful. "Well, we need to attract clients, so we want something sexy. Yeah, definitely not." "You're already wearing a really cute outfit." She was -- she was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top that showed more than a little of her breasts. I then pulled her shirt up a little, revealing some of her tummy, and finally moved to a side view, to take in the whole scene. She looked so sexy -- like the girl next door who you'd always dreamed of fucking. It didn't take long until we had an excellent photo, which we added to Rachel's account. We scrolled through some terms of service, read some generic warnings about safety, hit agree, and suddenly were ready to go. I don't know how to feel." I gave her a sort of forced smile. This definitely beats homelessness." "Well then..." Rachel said, with a sigh as she flipped solicitation mode to "on".

In Rachel's eyes, I saw not excitement or lust, just tremendous relief. For now and forever." ****** After a long, awkward day, both of us remembering what we had agreed to last night, but neither of us particularly wanting to take any steps toward it, Rachel and I found ourselves sitting on the couch. "I hope they're clean." "If they're not, just make them shower. We only need three people, so we can probably be choosy." I proposed. We've only got two days to raise the money..." She looked worried. And if it really comes down to it, we can drive around different neighbourhoods to find somebody." The thought of doing this put knots in my stomach -- driving my wife around, actively finding men for her to fuck. She was announcing to everyone within range that her body was for sale, which can't have been easy. I gently guided her down onto her hands and knees, and arched her back so that her ass was thrust in the air, and pressed her head down into her folded arms. Rachel just sighed, but then put on a fake but convincing smile.

If I had planned ahead, I would've taken a job -- any job -- to make ends meet. "Sarah does it sometimes, and it pays really well." I was floored.

But instead I just spent all of my time trying to find work in my field, optimistic that if I just worked hard enough, I would find something -- anything. Doubly so, because our friend Sarah always seemed so prim and proper, and I would never have guessed she was whoring herself out to pay the bills.

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I won't bore you with the details, but I'm overeducated, and woefully underemployed. But virtually nobody admitted to using the app, and prostitution remained a deeply shameful thing for both sellers and buyers.

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