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Him: My mouth reaches your pussy and I lick, kiss and suck. Me: My body can't take it anymore and I reach an orgasm. Me: I ride you hard and then go slow, sliding up and down. I'll write it from the best I can from memory*Him: I hold you close, kissing you. Him: I slip my hands down your pants and grab your ass. Me: I unzip your fly and slip my hand in, grabbing your cock. The foreman demands more than an honest day’s work from the laborer.20.Two married people enter into an affair with each other.21. The groupie fucks the musician after a great show.23.

Me: I lick the tip of your cock, tasting the swirling precum. Me: I lower my mouth, using my hand to slide up and down.

My personal bone of contention with how it’s usually presented (and the reason I don’t typically talk about it) always was that so much of the role-playing I saw being taught – all of it, really – was routine-based; you had to memorize some specific form of role-play, and then remember to use that with women. Yet, over time I’ve found myself using role-playing more and more, naturally and without a routine, yet with several underlying themes that guide my role-playing and help me do it naturally and place it where appropriate into the conversations I find myself in with women.

This fluid form of “emergent role-playing” is what I want to talk about with you today – how you can use role-playing in a natural way, that isn’t pre-scripted, yet follows certain guidelines to help you do some cool things with your conversations.

A naughty slut confesses all their sins to the priest.16.

The priest makes the naughty slut do an interesting penance.17.

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The two handsome orderlies take advantage of the helpless patient.12. The male model winds up fucking a groupie outside the photo shoot.14.

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  1. Four in five people (80%) with mental health problems surveyed said it had affected their sex life, with loss of libido and feeling unattractive or self-conscious as main issues, in comparison to just three in five (60%) partners who said it affected their sex life.