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SBL-EAI-50162: WSDL cannot be generated for web service 'UCM My Customer Profile'. Change request Bug 10547166 has been logged to request that when a new Workflow Process is revised from a version where the Effective End Date is set, that the end date is nulled. The workflow process name may not be spelled correctly. The Process Status of the workflow process is not active in the Siebel client. The workflow's Activation Date is later than the time of execution. The workflow's Expiration Date is earlier than the time of execution. Go to the Business Process Administration Workflow Deployment view. Check the spelling of your workflow process name where it is invoked.The Workflow Process 'UCM My Customer Profile' may not be activated and caused the WSDL generation to fail. Error Message Area: Business Processes/Workflow - BPR Version: Siebel 7.7 This document is intended to provide cause and corrective action information about Siebel Error Message SBL-BPR-00158: Cannot execute workflow process definition '%1'. Query for the workflow definition in the top list applet using the process name given in the error message. Reinvoke your workflow process task with the correct spelling. In Siebel Tools, check that workflow processes have a status of Completed.

Further, the following error message was reported while saving the drag & drop attachments from the windows explorer.However, the same functionality is not working for the SWE _Web Client, for all the USERS.- Even tried attaching a small size file, this did not work either (just to eliminate the size and type of document they were attaching).Additional reference to similar issues which are posted on Support web: "Service Request #: 38-2936429161 - problem to upload attachment bigger than 1 MG" Document Enhancement Request 12-IYK4BR has been logged to make sure that this is documented in Siebel Bookshelf. VERSION DESC If this did not find a row, the generation of the wsdl would fail."Alert 1067: Siebel Server Failures Due to Hyphen Character in Machine Hostname and in the Siebel Server Name" Thank You, Siebel Technical Support Siebel Call Center - Version: 8.1.1 SIA [21111] to 8.1.1 SIA [21111] - Release: V8 to V8Information in this document applies to any platform. EFF_START_TS CONVERT(TIMESTAMP, '07/23/2008 ') OR T1. In the customer environment, the SQL returned 0 rows.

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Obj Mgr Log Error 1 0 2006-05-09 ((232)) SBL-SCR-00141: Siebel e Script runtimefout in procedure 'Get Field Value' van Bus Comp [DHB Financial Accounts]:***** ******************************** So just to eliminate the possibility of e Script related issue, customer conducted testing by setting "Enable Scripting" parameter false and later also setting Application Object parameter "Application Scripting Enabled" to false. Finally, customer confirmed that the root cause of this reported issue was to do with the underscore "_" character which was used for naming their Servers.

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