Does updating iphone software erase data

If your software is up to date, it's time to try a few fixes.Let's start with an easy solution: closing down all non-essential apps.Check whether your i Phone is up to date by heading to Settings Software update.If you're not sure how to get it up to date, check out our complete guide to updating i OS.Lots of our readers ask us how to speed up a slow, old i Phone. You may find that your phone is a bit slow if you haven't got a lot of space free, even if it's a newer model.Or maybe your i Phone has been performing more sluggishly since you updated i OS.

One quick way to free up a chunk of space is to delete a few apps.But if the interface seems unresponsive, apps take longer to open or it just isn't the swift device you remember, it's possible that a few tweaks could speed things up again. First, let's deal with that long-running rumour that Apple slows down older phones deliberately.Surprisingly, at the end of 2017 the company confirmed this - but for good reason.Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to pin down a cause.It doesn’t seem to coincide with Bluetooth linking, phones calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS text messages, GPS navigation events, etc.

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